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  • Things don't look right or work right anymore with this new design. What gives?
    We designed the site for Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 as well as Firefox 2, and Netscape 7 (which covers 99.99% of our users). While other browsers may work, we strongly suggest using one of these browsers for the best experience on our site. You can get these browsers for FREE. Click for free downloads of Internet Explorer or Netscape
  • TruckMiles shows a Zip code of ##### or a postal code of ###-###. What does that mean?
    ##### and ###-### represent the geographical center of the city. Use these if you are unsure of what Zip or Postal Code to use for the city you entered.
  • The engine returned "Cannot Process Request." What did I do wrong?
    Nothing. Several things could be the culprit, including site traffic, your Internet connection flaking out, or a bug in the program. Try running the trip again. If it keeps failing, we would appreciate it if you would send the details of your trip to
  • What are the different ways I can enter a trip?
    Glad you asked! Check this out.
  • The Profit and Loss calculator doesn't seem to work. What can I do?
    This is typically caused by three things: (1) You have JavaScript disabled in your browser; (2) You have some software that prevents pop-up windows from opening; or (3) you're using an ancient (version 3.0) browser. To fix, enable JavaScript in your browser, disable the pop-up window prevention software, and/or upgrade your browser.
  • I can't do the drag zoom on the map! Help!
    The drag zoom functionality of the map requires a version 5.0 browser or higher and requires that the browser's JavaScript abilities be enabled. Click for free downloads of Internet Explorer or Firefox.  Other browsers, including Netscape 4 and Opera, are not supported.
  • TruckMiles says it can't find my location. What can I do?
    Make sure that all the details of the location are correct, especially looking out for the state abbreviation and Zip/Postal Code. You can also try one of these strategies: (1) enter just the Zip Code; (2) Enter a partial Zip Code; (3) Enter a partial city name (just the first three letters, for example). If everything fails, it is possible the location is not in our database. If so, let us know at
  • What is the difference between "truck practical" and "shortest" routing methods?
    Truck Practical tells the engine to choose roads best suited for trucks to arrive quickly. Shortest gives the absolute shortest path from the origin to the destination, which is not always truck friendly or faster.
  • When I go to a state road conditions page, it says it cannot be found. Where is it?
    Those fickle state road conditions webmasters are always changing things around on us. If you notice a broken link, please email the state to so we can find the correct page again. If you actually find the correct page for us, we will be overwhelmed with gratitude.
  • My teenagers won't listen to/obey me.
    We are not professionals in this area, but we suggest establishing ground rules and enforcing them in a consistent, loving way.
  • This didn't help me with my problem at all!!!
    Sorry :-(  Please email us at and let us know what TruckMiles related problem you are experiencing and we'll get back to you. 

Company / Advertising

  • I sell trucking products and want to advertise on your site. Is this possible?
    You bet! Go here for more details.
  • I run a trucking website and would like to have a TruckMiles. Is this a possibility?
    Go here!
  • Who made
    TruckMiles is designed and run by the ProMiles Software Development Corporation. It is a sponsored site. ProMiles makes all kinds of wonderful software for trucking professionals. Check us out.

I Need More!

  • Can I get state breakouts, create trip sheets, do multi-stop trips, run fuel optimization, and get a tax summary? How about Fuel Taxes? Fuel Management?
    ProMiles has desktop and online software that does all this and a lot more. These programs are not free (we need to eat, too), but they are the best quality and value around. See our main Website for more information.



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